SKIN and HAIR CARE. My main staple breakfast is boiled sweet potato we call camote-- nope no jam or butter. Just that.

In rural areas, this is their staple food which we noticed they live longer with less illnesses. They are enjoyed along with fresh ginger tea ( salabat or taho in Ilonggo) which is equally anti-cancer and best of all a slimming drink. I take it before I sleep. sweet sixteen

I boil the skin of potatoes and put in my hair to let it grow. I can immediately feel it my hair ... strands get thicker. Then I apply virgin coconut oil over night. My hair turns black as it is today. I never have had problem with receeding hairline.

I also apply the liquid as a facial wash.

Well those who are gym goers only take sweet camote most of their main diet. I have many models and beauty queen friends who eat nothing for a day but only camote.

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